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Meet the 30 DEMO Africa 2016 finalists

Thu 01 Sep '16

DEMO Africa 2016 received 723 applications from tech entrepreneurs, representing 25 countries across Africa.

This number was whittled down and 27 finalists will now have the opportunity to pitch their innovations to a host of global angel investors, venture capitalists and tech buyers.

The selection process is exhaustive, as Harry Hare, Executive Director of DEMO Africa, explains: “There is a very rigorous process as we go through the applications. It is a very competitive process. What we look for are companies who will have an impact in the community and also their potential to scale.”

These entrepreneurs are then required to attend the DEMO Africa boot camp as well as taking part in a number of master classes. DEMO Africa is committed to the sustainability of these entrepreneurs and their ideas, so the programme provides these start-up businesses with valuable tools to ensure they achieve long-term success.

At the conference each entrepreneur will get a six-minute slot to present their

innovations to investors. DEMO Africa gives the finalists guidance on how best to make

this pitch count.

This year’s finalists herald from nine African countries: Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco,

Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. They are:

1. Grid Supply Chain, Egypt – logistics and supply-chain strategy and development company that offer untapped saving potential for the supply chain ecosystem.

2. Loystar, Ghana – loyalty programme that rewards repeat customers and thereby boosts business sales through encouraging excellent customer service.

3. Iyris KO Ltd, Ghana – creates simpler, faster and more convenient mobile app and computer software solutions.

4. Cocktail Insights, Ghana –analysis tool for e-commerce companies to allow them to analyse the impact of social media campaigns.

5. Boresha Ltd, Kenya – digital education content creator which produces curriculum-aligned digital resources.

6. Ujuzi Software Solutions, Kenya –anti-money laundering solutions provider.

7. MumsVillage Ltd, Kenya – online platform aimed at enriching lives of mothers and expectant mothers. Site features, doulas, doctors, nutritionists and fitness experts.

8. Strauss Energy, Kenya – provides cost-effective renewable energy using BIPV technology – a solar powered roofing tile designed and made in Kenya.

9. IT Brothers, Kenya – mobile and web software company that integrates graphic design, websites, and programming, with database-driven capabilities.

10. Nextwi, Morocco – offers fast, simple and intuitive connection to free Wi-Fi hotspots using Facebook and Google+.

11. Solstice HES, Nigeria – home energy solutions company developing technology solutions to alleviate energy challenges in Nigerian homes.

12. WESABI, Nigeria – on-demand platform connects users to skilled artisans.

13. ArtNigeria, Nigeria – offers e-commerce platform for the sale of mostly Nigerian art including originals, prints, photography and sculptures.

14. Shuttlers, Nigeria – is a bus service for professionals to help them deal with the commuter challenge.

15. Rubiqube Ltd, Nigeria - gives users unlimited access to a range of innovative, locally developed apps.

16. SharpHire Global Ltd, Nigeria – company behind start-ups like PushCV and Piggybank, they develop solutions to solve problems facing the labour market.

17. ConnectMed, South Africa – online medical platform where certified doctors provide affordable online consultations to patients.

18. Reel Gardening, South Africa – previously unemployed mothers pack prefertilized seeds to encourage a planting revolution.

19. SolarCap Pty Ltd, South Africa – provides solar lighting to households by using cutting-edge ultra-capacitor technology.

20. RadioVybe, South Africa – social radio platform allowing listeners to connect with traditional radio stations and friends.

21. Sortd, South Africa – brings email conversations, tasks and priorities together in one space within the Gmail platform.

22. ION Comsys, South Africa – gateway to content in the home.

23. Ekasi Energy, South Africa – producers of innovative clean-energy home appliances.

24. 4th Element, South Africa – renewable energy and water resources research and management company.

25. Zivo Learning; South Africa – developer of language learning and translation tools.

26. Telescrypts, Tanzania – providers of electronic medical data through a mobile app and wearable medical device – these connect to regional hospitals.

27. Lipa Mobile, Uganda – online m-payment platform for secure money transfers across all networks in Uganda.

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