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ENN Africa is Africa’s foremost Entrepreneur News Network – with facilities in 19 countries, 54 cities and 115 locations, is the foremost platform dedicated to inspiring, informing and developing young African entrepreneurs.

We believe entrepreneurs are the fundamental drivers of tomorrows’ African innovations and essential to creating a thriving African economy.

Intended for conceptual, seed, startup and growing enterprises, ENN Africa gathers stakeholders across the entire African entrepreneur ecosystem including:

  • Aspirant youth innovators
  • High-impact youth entrepreneurs
  • Intermediaries
  • Government
  • Multi-lateral donor and development agencies

and everyone else in-between, who is part of this continent’s bright future.

As an authentic voice across the African continent, we cover the latest issues and insights affecting entrepreneurs and bring together credible, unique and authoritative voices in the world of entrepreneurship as well as providing peer-to-peer opportunities to engage and understand the challenges and success of African entrepreneurs.

Whilst we are optimistic about Africa, its future and the future of entrepreneurship on the continent, we are also realistic about the challenges facing the individuals and organisations within the African entrepreneur ecosystem and are excited to share the many successes and different journeys of established entrepreneurs and aspiring ones too.

We motivate, empower and connect African entrepreneurs across the continent, islands and diaspora using multiple media channels.

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