About Us

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Entrepreneur News Network (ENN) Africa unites and empowers upcoming and experienced entrepreneurs to think big, start small and offers support with their start-ups or existing businesses. The platform provides a convenient and secure environment for entrepreneurs to collaborate, share ideas, educate and peer review one another. ENN presents you, as an entrepreneur, with an online management suite  and opportunities that really can make growing your business way easier. It is a value for money, multilingual platform, available to anyone with internet connectivity anywhere in Africa.


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Building entrepreneurs into business owners, building business owners into business leaders


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To empower entrepreneurs across Africa and support their growth through collaboration and the realisation of their full potential


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  1. ENN Community: News & Networking for Entrepreneurs

Connect with entrepreneurs across the continent! ENN Africa is multilingual and available to anyone with internet connectivity anywhere in Africa.

Your posts, comments and articles will be evaluated and vetted by your peers allowing you to earn points through sharing, liking and sharing the platform with your network, making it easier for you to earn points and incentives

The more you use the system the more points you earn. Points = incentives! Incentives are earned by the amount of shared content and ‘likes’ you receive on your posts.

What exactly is the ENN Community?

  • A networking and news platform exclusively for entrepreneurs where you can connect with like-minded individuals and share and learn from experiences to move your business forward in a secure and private environment
  • Once you have registered, you will be able to share information online and off using the ENN platform, social media, WhatsApp and the entrepreneur radio station, Hustle Central.
  1. ENN Africa Virtual Office for Entrepreneurs

Not only is ENN an awesome news platform for entrepreneurs, it also provides entrepreneurs from all walks of life with a virtual office. This is made up of a set of tools and opportunities that can make growing your business way easier! We provide you with every imaginable solution to ensure the smooth running of your business ventures maintaining the professional image of your venture.

For a small monthly fee you get an online suite of business management tools and more in just one place. You don’t even have to sign a contract, our agreement is on a month to month basis.

We offer you the following range of comprehensive solutions:

  • Research: Do genuine, in depth market research to grow your business and keep up with business trends
  • Reporting: Drawing reports on each of your business activities and keeping track of results makes it easy for you to learn from your challenges and achievements for future endeavours
  • Invoicing: Do all your invoices from one place in a few easy steps
  • Customer surveys: We provide a tool to help you determine customer and potential client requirements, to test new products and services and to get feedback on existing ones
  • Stationary packs: create awesome branded stationary online to use as required
  • Keep your documents up to date. The system will notify you of expiring documents making it easy for you to update, for example, your BEE certificate or tax clearance certificate

If you experience cash flow issues, you can still use the ENN Community platform for up to 60 days from your last payment, we may limited your use though. Your data will be saved on the platform for up to 12 months after your last payment, at no charge.