The week that wasn’t

ENN Africa has been live for a week and boy where we challenged

After our website went live on 2 January 2018 and our South African partner, Hustle Central went live with their radio show, we have had a rough time and learnt a lot.

We decided to go live on 2 January as it would enable a “soft” landing as most people would not be at work yet and we can iron out the few bugs remaining before South Africa gets working in earnest. This was a great idea in theory and in practice it provide a lots of challenges and learnings for us.

When moving the site from the demo platform to the live one, a lot of things just stopped working (great idea to have a “soft” landing) however these challenges where not anticipated and the developers we needed where on holiday (not such a great idea launching during the “holidays”).

That is when I witnessed that team members who share your vision will do what it takes to get the job done.

Anyway the greatest learning for me is the value of the team and the power of committed people. If you don’t have a team, get one, if you have a team, appreciate the members who share your vision
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