“Entrepreneurship” – The Answer to many unemployment solution calls; says MB Tshabangu

South Africa is boasting high levels of unemployment, with the Youth being the most vulnerable victims as they are easily susceptible to unemployment, Entrepreneurship is the key to radically eradicating and decreasing high levels of Unemployment in South Africa.

Speaking to SABC News, Public Speaker, Lawyer, Philanthropist and Author of “Minding the Immigrant ” Mr Mduduzi Brandon Tshabangu, says that the South African Education system is to blame for formally teaching and systematically making the youth believe in conforming rather than innovating, in terms of development, creation and primarily manufacture, as a result of this, the youth has become heavily dependent and reliant on employment as a solution but says the Government has done enough.

“We are more prone to social welfare mindedness than individual and group activitus, supporting one another, pushing each other as the youth to do something, the government is doing enough”.

Tshabangu, is amongst many things, an Entrepreneur, started an SME (Small Medium Enterprise) project, MB Tshabangu and Leadership Centre which is based in Carolina, Mpumalanga, in June, the programme assisted 30 individuals, males and females to register companies for free. He also offered them a one-week workshop where different professionals were brought in with various professional and business skills, knowledge and experience to teach these business aspirants on how to start a business, management, tendering, procuring work and other various aspects of business.

“30 businessmen and women were born out of this project” said Tshabangu

Pretoria is next inline with a new initiative aimed at hight school pupil being the next plan for the businessman.

“Part of the next initiative is assisting matriculants with free tutorship in Maths and Science ” he said.

With Entrepreneurship starting to be a better and more broad, lengthier and far more viable solution to employment issues, Capital and Funding become new matters of concerns for inspiring entrepreneurs.

“The times have changed, we are no longer looking at employment as a solution, but creating employment. We need to start thinking of how to make sure another unemployed person gets employed, the advice we give to the young people is to move away from the ’employment mind’ and shift to job creation, everybody can start a business even without funding.

” I have started businesses myself without any funding, those businesses still stand today, so we are more now from the era of doing things the old way to a new way of saying technology is on our side” added Tshabangu.

The book “Minding the Immigrant” is about different advantages and disadvantages as far as social factors between South African citizens and Immigrants which also focuses on how we interrelate and engage in reference to how we treat immigrants and how they are treated in general” said the Author.

All aspiring and established entrepreneurs seeking help in the form of advice, general assistance and other matters regarding entrepreneurship, are welcome to contact MB Tshabangu via E-mail at Admin@Tshabangu.co.za or Tel: 012 341 4187.

“We try and help anyone who comes to us” concluded Tshabangu.