How to fall into the media space

The show is broadcast across the African continent on shortwave, PAS10 satellite, DSTV (in Southern Africa), live-streaming and podcast, twice a week, on Friday mornings for 40 minutes and then again on Saturdays for 60 minutes.

After working with some young Zimbabwean entrepreneurs and the South African Department of Small Business Development on an African Entrepreneur Ecosystem Summit (which never materialised), I was contacted by Channel Africa and asked to work with them to create a radio show focused on covering the latest issues and insights affecting entrepreneurs and bringing together credible, unique and authoritative voices in the world of entrepreneurship as well as providing peer-to-peer opportunities to engage and understand the challenges and success of African entrepreneurs.

Exciting opportunity and a new one for me as I had never been in the radio space, other then an interview or two.

So immediately I was in entrepreneur mode, learning, testing, modelling, learning, learning, learning. I am really grateful to the wonderful people at Channel Africa who supported this relationship. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes, as in most businesses, it is amazing and so interesting.

Our first show was broadcast on 24 June 2016 and I employed experience broadcaster, Nastassia Arendse to presented for us. Consummate professional and currently anchoring the Classic Business Breakfast with Moneyweb Show. Check her out.

This show provided me with a different angle to connect with people and I had the privilege of meeting various stakeholders in the space from the Chairperson of the AU, the South African Minister of Small Business Development, Mike Anderson, founder of the NSBC in South Africa and various dynamic entrepreneurs and incubator and accelerator program heads form across the continent. After 2 years, it was time to part ways with the SABC. I had done what I needed to d. Change Your Game is a success and running smoothly.

I decided on a more focused approach to radio, working alongside Lesego Molotsi and his podcast station, Hustle Central. Hustle Central speaks to young entrepreneurs in South Africa’s township and peri-rural communities (under-resourced areas). Lesego is great at putting together audio content for Enterprise Supplier Development programs and other necessary entrepreneur and small business information in a manner that ignites and keeps the attention of the target audience.

Looking forward to the next chapter in this space. Media

is exciting and stimulating.