Swimming with Sharks: Simple business guidelines for a complex world By Gavin Moffat

Drowning in the business deep? This book is the line you need, packaged in quick, bite-sized reference points. 

Did you know that over 80% of the world’s oceans have yet to be explored, mapped and observed? Scuba diving is a way to come closer to knowing a fraction more of the intricacies of the sea. It symbolises the human quest for knowledge of that which is vast. But, the technicalities of diving, the strategies needed for deeper exploration and the trust in acquired skills creates order where there is limitlessness. 

Swimming with Sharks: Simple business guidelines for a complex world is not about scuba diving. Well, not entirely. 

The aim of scuba diving is coming face-to-face with bounty and beauty. Achieving the business equivalent requires a scuba diver’s approach, says the animated and skilled author of the book, Gavin Moffat. ‘There’re remarkable parallels between my two passions: consulting to businesses as they navigate through change, and scuba and technical diving,’ says Moffat. 

The author has worked with companies that have hit Silicon Valley, international brands, one-man outfits and fledgling small businesses. ‘These businesses each have their unique natures, as though they are living coral reefs,’ Moffat adds. He’s spent nearly three decades helping leaders build their business, plan their growth, and engage with their audiences. 

The scuba-diving metaphor is masterfully maintained throughout the eight sections of the book: plan the dive and dive the plan (and you’d do this in business); having the right kit (like your technology and business tools); the brief and the debrief either side of the dive; the five Ws and an H (essentially, the building-block questions of a successful business). Topics dived into include dealing with millennials, the value of friction and the concept of the Beta culture – or that which is ‘good enough’. 

Moffat is a natural essayist, and his insightful, simple ‘pockets of thought’ explain sometimes complicated subjects in a few hundred words. It’s like having a conversation over coffee with a wise friend or swimming with dolphins. 

Swimming with Sharks: Simple business guidelines for a complex world is certainly not a stuffy manual. 

Here’s what some fellow business people have said: 

‘It is not often that you find a single book that covers so many topics and yet get to the essence of each. Gavin Moffat has created a book full of nuggets, gems that provide you with insight in business and self. His years of work with countless companies has guided his thought process and brought the realization that we make things too complicated. His job, to make business human. Great read.’ 

– Michael Jordaan, ex-CEO FNB, venture capitalist 

‘I always tell people that the best lessons I get for running my business happen when I’m not actually running it, but rather when I’m busy with other things I’m passionate about. Gavin takes this to a whole new level. Swimming with Sharks is a series of learnings wrapped up in a very powerful analogy – his love for SCUBA. The author’s passion is clear, and the lessons come through fast and hard. This is one of those rare books that you need to read with a highlighter in hand. I started reading, and hardly came up for air.’ 

– Rich Mulholland, A motorbike-riding, board-game-playing, punk-rocking, kung-fu-fighting, kettlebell-swinging, business-running, microphone-abusing inked-ellectual gentleman 

About the Author 

Gavin Moffat is a speaker, writer, common-sense evangelist and an accidental specialist in the field of marketing and communication strategy. As the co-founder and pothole spotter of join.the.dots, he teaches game-changing techniques for busting through ‘it’s complicated’, cultivating clear thinking, and boosting common sense. 

He leads workshops and trainings that bring clarity to individuals, teams and workplaces. His focus is on creating real-world results in which teams cut through the clutter and meaningful productivity skyrockets.