How to fall into the media space

The show is broadcast across the African continent on shortwave, PAS10 satellite, DSTV (in Southern Africa), live-streaming and podcast, twice a week, on Friday mornings for 40 minutes and then again on Saturdays for 60 minutes.

After working with some young Zimbabwean entrepreneurs and the South African Department of Small Business Development on an African Entrepreneur Ecosystem Summit (which never materialised), I was contacted by Channel Africa and asked to work with them to create a radio show focused on covering the latest issues and insights affecting entrepreneurs and bringing together credible, unique and authoritative voices in the world of entrepreneurship as well as providing peer-to-peer opportunities to engage and understand the challenges and success of African entrepreneurs.

Exciting opportunity and a new one for me as I had never been in the radio space, other then an interview or two.

So immediately I was in entrepreneur mode, learning, testing, modelling, learning, learning, learning. I am really grateful to the wonderful people at Channel Africa who supported this relationship. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes, as in most businesses, it is amazing and so interesting.

Our first show was broadcast on 24 June 2016 and I employed experience broadcaster, Nastassia Arendse to presented for us. Consummate professional and currently anchoring the Classic Business Breakfast with Moneyweb Show. Check her out.

This show provided me with a different angle to connect with people and I had the privilege of meeting various stakeholders in the space from the Chairperson of the AU, the South African Minister of Small Business Development, Mike Anderson, founder of the NSBC in South Africa and various dynamic entrepreneurs and incubator and accelerator program heads form across the continent. After 2 years, it was time to part ways with the SABC. I had done what I needed to d. Change Your Game is a success and running smoothly.

I decided on a more focused approach to radio, working alongside Lesego Molotsi and his podcast station, Hustle Central. Hustle Central speaks to young entrepreneurs in South Africa’s township and peri-rural communities (under-resourced areas). Lesego is great at putting together audio content for Enterprise Supplier Development programs and other necessary entrepreneur and small business information in a manner that ignites and keeps the attention of the target audience.

Looking forward to the next chapter in this space. Media

is exciting and stimulating.

Why Entrepreneurs are like Mothers

Once an idea has been created inside an entrepreneur, that idea will grow and grow and will have to come out. There is no physical way that the idea can stay inside. Sometimes the ideas are stillborn or aborted but they always come out.

The idea that are born are then nurtured by the entrepreneur. Day in and day out, the idea is nourished, protected and provided with the best environment the entrepreneur can create for the idea to flourish. Entrepreneurs speak about their ideas with pride and this continuous and all-encompaning passion for the idea often makes family members and friends role their eyes as the idea is the only topic that the entrepreneur speaks about. Wait till entrepreneurs get together then there is never a space for any other conversation other then the entrepreneur sharing the joys and milestones of their ideas.

Entrepreneurs often give up on many other opportunities as they are so committed and dedicated to their idea and often the idea doesn’t seem to care or acknowledge the sacrifice of the entrepreneur.

The idea just seems to want all the entrepreneurs attention and time. Always asking for more. More money, more time and more focus, selfishly looking towards its own survival and growth.

This does not concern the entrepreneur as they continue forward, looking for the right opportunities and friends for their ideas. Sacrificing so their idea can be located a the best address and have the best things.

This is written in honour of all Moms out there and to the entrepreneurs who exhibit such similar traits to Moms.

International Coaching Week

The best way to discover this is to experience coaching firsthand. Since 1999, this belief has fuelled International Coaching Week (ICW), a week-long celebration that educates the public about the value of working with a professional coach and acknowledges the results and progress made through the coaching process. This year, ICW is May 7-13, 2018.

We believe that local events can contribute to a massive global impact. Every year, local ICF Chapters (morethan 130 chapters in 70 countries around the world) and coaches celebrate ICW by offering a variety of activities and pro-bono services in their local communities to share coaching’s positive impact.

About International Coach Federation (ICF)

The ICF is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to professional coaching. As of April 2017, ICF has approximately 30,000 members in 140 countries.

The ICF is the only globally recognised coaching certification and South African coaches have and are assisting individuals, teams and organisations all over the globe.

ICF South Africa Chapter have been honoured with the Recognition of ‘High Performing Chapter” 2017 at the ICF Global Leaders Forum in Vancouver in March 2018.

This award is given in recognition of the contributions of ICF South Africa’s growth, innovation and creativity in projects, events, hosting a conference and an International event, and for contributing to Professional and Social development of Coaching in South Africa and in Africa.

Where can Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa apply for funding?

Although not the major barrier to starting almost any business, research also shows that women continue to face barriers such as a lack of capital in order to succeed in business. In order to deal with this, a number of funding programmes have been established in order to support women entrepreneurs. Here are a few of them:

Business Partners Women in Business Fund

The Business Partners Limited Women in Business Fund is aimed at assisting women entrepreneurs start their entrepreneurial journey on a strong note by increasing their access to finance. In order to qualify, you need to be an entrepreneur, who wishes to start, expand or buy an existing business. The business entity must have 50% of women as shareholders with the applicant woman being in an operations and management role in the business.

Identity Development Fund

The Identity Development Fund is a leading organization that provides innovative financial and non-financial support services to black-owned, women-owned and youth-owned businesses. IDF is focused on unlocking value in the entrepreneurial sector through fund management services for institutional and corporate investors.

Isivande Women’s Fund

Isivande Women’s Fund is an exclusive fund aimed at accelerating women’s economic empowerment. This fund offers customised loans from a minimum of R30,000 to a maximum of R2 million. To be eligible, your business must be operational for six months; your business must offer social impact with employment creation and must have early stage capital for expansions and growth.

Women Entrepreneurship Fund (WEF)

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund was established by the Industrial Development Corporation. This fund uniquely combines crowdfunding and capacity building. In order to qualify, a business must have at least 50% female shareholding interest, a solid, fundable business plan to start or expand within an identified market and the business plan needs to include financial plans detailing: capital expenditure, working capital requirements, resourcing and operational involvement.

You can also check out the major banks as well as large enterprise development programs.





The Bridge

I recently listened to a wise man sharing the value of Elders in communities and I have adapted that for entrepreneurship. Thanks go to Sam Sleeman, MKP South Africa.

There where 2 communities and they where separated by a vast divide that was very difficult to cross and everyday, people would travel between the two communities by travelling down the one side, crossing over and travelling up the other side. If was very difficult and dangerous and often people didn’t make it.

One day a wise elder arrived at the communities and when seeing the journey that the people where making, went ahead and build a bridge over the divide.

The community members were perturbed and asked the Elder what he was doing. “I have built a bridge so that you no longer have to take that difficult and dangerous journey” replied the Elder.

“But we have always done it our way” said the community members.

“People don’t always make it your way, especially people who are new to the journey and don’t have experience” said the Elder.”Just try my way, it is safer, easier and shorter. I know it works as I have been making similar journeys for a long time”.

And that is the essence of mentorship. Following a route planned out by someone who has made those journeys before.

The inaugural Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development Institute Conference

Solution specialists and innovation experts have analysed supply and demand within the South African Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, and after months of critical engagement and in-depth consultation have developed a pioneering joint programme off action.

Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development Institute Conference delegates will be addressed by Government leaders, industry experts, renowned entrepreneurs, and public officials, all of whom are respected and recognised in their respective fields.

This inaugural ECDI Conference is about feedback, reflection and collective action. It is not the individual parts of the Programme of Action that make it ground-breaking, but the combination, collaboration, scale and approach – a FIRST of its kind – that offers massive potential to shift the status-quo as we know it. The Conference programme is structured into four key sessions namely | Session 1: Expectation of Action | Session 2: Programme of Action | Session 3: Beneficiaries of Action | Session 4: Call to Action.

If you are driven by passion and inspired by innovation in the development of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This important event is fully sponsored by the Services SETA.

After the show is over

We had a great launch at the MyBizExpo 2018 and a warm reception from the delegates and the other stakeholders who where part of the expo.

Now that the excitement is over, the work begins.

Contacting and following up with the hundreds of interested delegates. Setting appointments with the numerous stakeholders who would like to plays a part in ENN Africa and completing a feedback session on our activities at the expo, both what we did well as well as what we could of done better. All of this started on day 1 of the show as following up is so important. So important it cannot be stated enough.

We had challenges with our internet connection at the expo and so could not demo our product on the first day nor could we show our videos. Not sure what the opportunity cost was of this but my learning was to have a plan B in case.

Our plan B was a manual list and the team took turns writing down the names and contact details of the interested delegates. Was this the best option? Let me know.

The journey starts today

So today is the day. We launch at MyBizExpo2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

From today, I will be posting what preparations where needed to get here, the challenges and opportunities as well as what I did well and where I made mistakes. Of course, I will also be posting where our journey is going as we move forward.

Looking forward to the ride as I haven’t exhibited at a show since about 1996. The energy and excitement is high as I enjoy people a lot and of course I am sharing my passion for entrepreneurship and business.

We are expecting 25,000 over 2 days and I hope these numbers materialised. The Expo is in its 10th year and the hosts, NSBC, are well respected in South Africa. Gallagher Estate, the venue is world class.

Time to get ready and go to work…

The week that wasn’t

ENN Africa has been live for a week and boy where we challenged

After our website went live on 2 January 2018 and our South African partner, Hustle Central went live with their radio show, we have had a rough time and learnt a lot.

We decided to go live on 2 January as it would enable a “soft” landing as most people would not be at work yet and we can iron out the few bugs remaining before South Africa gets working in earnest. This was a great idea in theory and in practice it provide a lots of challenges and learnings for us.

When moving the site from the demo platform to the live one, a lot of things just stopped working (great idea to have a “soft” landing) however these challenges where not anticipated and the developers we needed where on holiday (not such a great idea launching during the “holidays”).

That is when I witnessed that team members who share your vision will do what it takes to get the job done.

Anyway the greatest learning for me is the value of the team and the power of committed people. If you don’t have a team, get one, if you have a team, appreciate the members who share your vision
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